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End of the Year Strategy

We are often tempted to rush into the new year without first formally closing out the previous year. No other year carries that temptation as much as 2020 does. However, great process makes for great progress. In particular, this time of the year provides us with an opportunity to assess the year’s performance and plan for another successful year.

Woman hands holding holiday gift. Could be giving or receiving.

Generosity in Business

The season of gift-giving has arrived! The holiday season only comes around once a year, but at GoComputek, we try to live a lifestyle of generosity all year long.

Actual cloud with networked computers and servers as points of light beneath it illustrating cloud computing

The Benefits of Cloud Solutions

The last few months have taught us a lot of important lessons about what it means to roll with the punches. They’ve also shown many companies what was missing from their technological arsenals. As we adjust to offices at half capacity and schools in hybrid learning environments, the full landscape of what we need to make life work is changing once again.

Managing a Remote Team

Managing a remote team is not easy. Managers the world over learned this almost overnight, as millions of organizations sent their employees home in the wake of Coronavirus. What happens to the office culture when 90% of the way you once interacted is no longer available?