Healthcare IT services

Industry specific IT solutions from GoComputek

Healthcare IT services from GoComputek

Your focus of quality of care is in the interaction with the patient. Our focus is the quality of care that takes place behind the scenes. Partner with GoComputek for your all your Healthcare IT services needs and experience:

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Our team has over 16 years of experience in Healthcare Managed IT Services. We are familiar with the different industry software solutions available to healthcare providers and third-party administrators. We are also familiar with the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. Our technicians are specially trained to be familiar with the necessary HIPAA & HITECH rules that help keep your business compliant and secure. Patients rely on you every day with their personal health information and you take that responsibility seriously. With a signed BAA from GoComputek, you can be certain we will too.

Free HIPAA security assessment

Ensuring HIPAA compliancy prevents you from being exposed to costly corrective action plans (CAPs) and fines. We can help you keep your patient’s data safe and your systems secure from bad actors targeting healthcare companies. With a free third-party HIPAA compliance assessment, we take the responsibility off your shoulders by thoroughly analyzing the way you compile, store, and share patient information so that you are covered.

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Our reliability and customer satisfaction make us the best choice for all of your healthcare IT services needs. Have GoComputek’s IT professionals help you achieve IT greatness. Get a free quote today!

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