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Microsoft Teams: Your New Phone System

Laptop computer with Teams app in operation.

So, your company is updating their phone system and trying to figure out the best option for them. Your choices depend on your needs. Are your employees working remotely? How many users do you have? Are you likely to grow in the near future? If you are looking for scalability, remote capability, and versatility, Microsoft Teams might be a good option for you.

Living in the Present, Planning for the Future

Companies make major purchases with the future in mind. One of the best aspects of using Microsoft Teams as a telephony system is that you can expand from 1 user to 100 without upending your day-to-day operations. Because Teams is essentially an app, all you have to do is download it into your laptop, desktop, smart phone, or Teams-compatible office phone and start using it. Hardware costs for adding users, as compared to a more traditional phone system, are minimal and users do not experience service interruption. This is a great option for companies who plan to expand, especially those who plan to expand quickly.

The New Normal

Some companies will never go back to the office. Choosing or upgrading a phone system post COVID-19 requires modern remote capabilities that traditional phone systems lack or perform poorly. Teams offers a low-cost communication system for small and large companies whose workforce will remain remote for the foreseeable future. The cost savings on office space alone will more than cover the necessary licensing costs for remote workers using the app.

Versatility and Integration

Teams is a collaborative, file-sharing, voice, and video communication platform. This means that not only can you make and receive calls. You can also schedule video conferences and deploy them on the app while sharing and collaborating on projects in real time. Different groups of people are separated into teams (hence the name) and work happens across channels with various configurations of users in those teams and channels. Teams’ versatility makes it not only a great phone system, but a complete communication system built for collaborative work. Because it is completely integrated in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, users have access to apps and files in SharePoint from Teams chats and channels, respectively. Teams is a great place to work!

Telephony and Beyond

Communication is the lifeblood of all business. Whether that communication is between colleagues or with customers, nothing happens without at least two people making a connection. If nothing else, Information Technology is the science of connecting people. Here at GoComputek, we have been helping businesses and communities stay connected for over 15 years. If you are looking to update your communications system, give us a call today. We would love to help you too!

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