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New Beginnings


By Randy Loy

Working for GoComputek in the industry of IT support in Miami as a new technician has been a great experience, filled with challenges, knowledge and fun moments. First impressions are everything when you’re in the market for a new job. You have to make a good first impression at your interview. You also get an impression of what your future place of employment might be like. From the minute I met the team at GoComputek, I felt that this was a place I could work and grow with confidence.

First Impression with IT Experts

Feeling welcomed is important in any new job.  From day one, Jio and David, the President and Senior Tech, made sure that I had a great day. They guided me and taught me the responsibilities of my IT Support position. They are both experts in the industry and exhibit high professional standards in their attention to detail. Both characteristics are essential for managed IT support service providers. In the weeks since my first day, I’ve come to feel that our team is more like a family. That’s the company culture at GoComputek. We prioritize the person before the product. This is true of the relationship with the clients as well. Each client is treated like family with full transparency.

High Quality Service

We have a lot of fun working together! It’s not all fun and games, though. Respect and hard work are the most important qualities that an employee must exhibit to work well anywhere, let alone IT support. This is especially true for GoComputek, where everything counts. For example, GoComputek has a 100% success in IT security. This means there have been 0 system breaches on our watch. We follow the workflow to its peak in order to provide trustworthy professional services. Keeping up with the workflow is quite a task because we also have to focus on the high-quality level of managed service we offer our clients.

The challenging part to me as new technician has been to work and learn about systems and software such as Microsoft Office 365, email backups, and Splashtop. As I grow within the company, I would love to focus my efforts on server management and network management. I want to learn how to manage servers and work more efficiently with routers and uploading data to the cloud. I envision a bright future for myself as an IT professional. Every day, as I expand my knowledge base and solve complicated problems for our customers, that future version of myself in IT support becomes more of a reality.

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