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Charlie Martinez, Managing Partner - Martinez Roman Goehl
Our law firm has partnered with GoComputek for over a decade for all of our IT needs. GoComputek’s team has provided excellent service, guidance on the latest technology and fast service throughout our relationship with them. In addition, we have nothing but great things to say about them. We would highly recommend GoComputek and their team to any other businesses, friends and family for their IT needs.


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Call it a Dozen

Martinez Roman Front

A lot can happen in twelve years. Three presidential elections, twelve world series, the turn of a new decade (or two) and 4,380 days of amazing IT customer service. There’s no doubt that at the end of a 12 year span, almost all of your technology will have become obsolete at least once, if not multiple times over. Together with various operating systems releases, software updates and system upgrades, security patches and countless innovations in the process, what does that kind of business relationship look like? In the case of Martinez Roman, Goehl, it’s been two server upgrades, the gradual replacement all of the PCs, 4 versions of Microsoft Office, 4 copier lease cycles and two major firm software upgrades. GoComputek has been there through it all. If you want to partner with an IT company that will be by your side for the long haul, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote and begin a new relationship with a different kind of IT company.

with the GoComputek Team

What is unique about the customer relationship with Martinez Roman Goehl?
The Martinez Roman Goehl law firm really is a unique environment. On paper, they are a small firm but appearances can be deceiving. Truth be told, there's nothing small about Martinez Roman Goehl. Charlie Martinez, the owner and managing partner of the firm, is a business savvy individual with strong business fundamentals and a no nonsense attitude. The customers he represents include very large corporations that cannot be made to wait, and that gets passed down to us in a very real way. Meaning, they cannot be down and we cannot get it wrong. That's a lot of pressure for any IT company. Luckily, that's never been an issue and our presence there 12 years later is proof of that.
What industry-specific solutions has GoComputek brought to Martinez Roman Goehl?
Unfortunately, we cannot go into detail about what specific solutions are currently in use at Martinez Roman Goehl except to say that we've been able to provide Martinez Roman Goehl with all the support and technical know-how necessary for running their industry-specific software on a day-to-day basis as well as through two system upgrades and migrations. All without ever going down. That's a 12-year track record of proven IT experience for one of our oldest and most valued customers.
What is on the horizon for Martinez Roman Goehl?
Digital transformation! We've all heard about it and, yes, it's a real thing. Martinez Roman Goehl has stepped away from the old way of doing business and is leveraging the cloud with a smart cloud strategy from GoComputek where increased availability and productivity are now possible in ways never before anticipated. We are implementing this strategy and combining it with top-tier security and business continuity software that ensures the protection of client data as a matter of top priority. If you're thinking of modernizing your workforce and embracing the digital revolution, don't wait. Contact us right away for a free quote!

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About GoComputek

GoComputek was founded in January of 2005 with a long-term vision of being a new kind of IT company. A company ready to meet the new and complex technological challenges of our era. A company with a strong commitment to customer service, transparency, innovation and technological excellence. A company who 16 years later is still living up to that vision every day in a bold way. Since then our commitment to IT excellence has only grown in size and scope and so has our company. Over the years, GoComputek has slowly grown to what it is today–a fully mature managed services and cloud services provider that services over 300 endpoints and growing.

For more than 16 years now, GoComputek has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations, in both large and small business environments alike, across all of South Florida. With a special focus on security, efficiency and reliability, we have worked hard to be the best at what we do so that our customers can be the best at what they do. Perhaps what distinguishes us the most from our competition is our ability to adapt to less than ideal circumstances while maintaining a strong commitment to our customers’ success. When failure is not an option, ingenuity is key and our team is up to the challenge.