Technical Services

Technical services solutions from GoComputek

Technical Services from GoComputek

Our technical services are designed to help you solve even the most difficult and persistent IT problems. From basic IT support to advanced troubleshooting and end-user support. Partner with GoComputek for your IT service needs and experience:

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Our Technical Services




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All of our technical services are the result of a serious business need that we’ve either responded to or experienced first-hand in our interactions with our customers and other businesses that we’ve come across in our 16 year history.

Let us help you with all of your technological needs and with our frustration free IT guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and if we can’t make it right, we’ll give you a full refund for your contracted service!

Why GoComputek

We believe in providing a full-service experience to our customers.
Fewer surprises and clean business practices is something you can expect from GoComputek.
Our technicians are well-trained and have a thorough understanding of your technology.

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About GoComputek

GoComputek was founded in January of 2005 with a long-term vision of being a new kind of IT company. A company ready to meet the new and complex technological challenges of our era. A company with a strong commitment to customer service, transparency, innovation and technological excellence. A company who 16 years later is still living up to that vision every day in a bold way. Since then our commitment to IT excellence has only grown in size and scope and so has our company. Over the years, GoComputek has slowly grown to what it is today–a fully mature managed services and cloud services provider that services over 300 endpoints and growing.

For more than 16 years now, GoComputek has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations, in both large and small business environments alike, across all of South Florida. With a special focus on security, efficiency and reliability, we have worked hard to be the best at what we do so that our customers can be the best at what they do. Perhaps what distinguishes us the most from our competition is our ability to adapt to less than ideal circumstances while maintaining a strong commitment to our customers’ success. When failure is not an option, ingenuity is key and our team is up to the challenge.