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The Benefits of Cloud Solutions

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The last few months have taught us a lot of important lessons about what it means to roll with the punches. They’ve also shown many companies what was missing from their technological arsenals.  As we adjust to offices at half capacity and schools in hybrid learning environments, the full landscape of what we need to make life work is changing once again. The pandemic is not over, and no one knows when life will get back to normal (if it ever will). It’s clear that we need more than merely temporary solutions. We need systems in place that are flexible enough to adapt to the changing requirements of life in extreme situations and out of them. That’s why we offer our customers cloud solutions. Cloud solutions are:

  • Portable
  • Scalable
  • Versatile

We believe that any organization can easily adopt of cloud solutions to optimize their business for the special environment we find ourselves in and beyond.

The Cloud is Portable

Cloud-based computing offers a one-two combination of security and versatility. Top-rated cloud service providers, like IDrive or Microsoft OneDrive, have the highest levels of security and encryption to keep your data safe. Depending on the service you use, cloud storage allows users to share files safely while also working on them in real time together. It’s also really hard to lose data in the cloud because most providers usually have multiple copies of the same file. Cloud storage also makes device syncing very easy. Meaning that users can access their data from their computers at work, their laptop or their phones. With cloud storage, your data is wherever you are. Before the pandemic, that kind of portability might not have mattered as much. But now it’s clear that that kind of immediate and safe access to information is a must.

The Cloud Scales Easily

We won’t always be in a pandemic-based recession. Eventually business will grow and thrive again (some businesses have grown because of lock down conditions). Cloud-based computing allows for businesses data storage to grow with them easily. Cloud computing allows for easy scalability. Rather than having to update or add hardware to on-premises servers, you can upgrade your storage plan with your cloud-based storage and keep on growing without losing momentum or productivity.

The Cloud is Versatile

Not all businesses can afford to fully host their data on cloud-based servers. While others may not be able to host their data on public clouds because of compliance protocols. The tools that an organization uses will depend upon their particular needs, especially security needs. The good news is that a hybrid on-premises, cloud set up is an incredibly safe way to host data. According to Nutanix’s second global Enterprise Cloud Index survey, more than a quarter of the IT professionals surveyed say that hybrid cloud models are the most secure of all IT operating models.


Cloud solutions offer the portability, scalability, and versatility for any organization to shift with the times. At GoComputek, we can advise you on the best cloud-based strategies for your businesses. There is no one-size-fits-all setup that works for all organizations. As the global landscape changes, everyone’s technical needs will change with it. More and more businesses are moving to the cloud, especially in the wake of COVID-19. If your company wants to reassess their cloud readiness, give us a call.

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