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Determination, innovation and adaptability are the essential ingredients for IT excellence.  In a managed IT services environment, there is a constant demand for improvement spurs constant technological advances. For instance, techs have to be ready to learn new systems on their feet. However, it’s not just techs who have to have these characteristics. Administrators, project managers, and salespeople in IT also have to be aware of trends in the field. Above all, they need to be ready to shift gears as necessary. Then, everyone working in IT must be willing and able to embrace new approaches. Lastly, they need to be able to adapt problem solving at a moment’s notice.

Get to Know Sarah Outside of the Office

Here at GoComputek, our team’s newest addition is no stranger to sudden course corrections. Say hello to Sarah Seski. She hails from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. To add, Sarah is an avid rock climber and sailing enthusiast.  Sailing is her favorite pastime. According to Sarah, “it requires not only physical intensity, but also competitive thought with full power.   The wind  is  always shifting direction, so there is a constant need to re-adjust in order to maintain proper course.”  

It’s not only Sarah’s hobbies that make her a great asset to our team. Her past work experience and studies have also uniquely prepared her for the challenges of working in a managed IT services company. First, Sarah graduated from The Catholic University of America. Now, she has a degree in Economics. Sarah then moved to Miami three years ago and has worked in sales for both the profit and non-profit sectors. She is looking forward to helping expand our client base. This will be built upon GoComputek’s foundation. Her new role with us is Business Development Specialist. She will help us scale our vision. Hence, Sarah will help bring transparent, high quality IT services to cover South Florida.

How She will Help us Deliver IT Excellence to You

Sarah’s passion for people and service is what truly drives her. Indeed, her past work experience focused on sales and management. In her words, “one of my favorite things about development is that while the products may change and the circumstances change. The foundation of communication remains the same.  When you truly listen to the needs of others, you are able to provide solutions. That is the most gratifying feeling—to be able to help.”

Service isn’t the only thing that inspires Ms. Seski. She also enjoys overcoming challenges. Sarah remarks, “I love a good challenge. I saw this opportunity as an excellent way to grow not only professionally but personally.  I am excited to join a team that has vision and is on track to continue surpassing its business and operational goals.  My deciding factor though, was in talking with the team about how they feel day-to-day.  The work environment highlights the dignity of team—they feel understood and appreciated.”  

In conclusion, it is truly a privilege to have Sarah on our team. She brings a high standard of professional and personal excellence. We love that she has a passion for service, gift for problem solving, and love of challenges. Most importantly, Sarah has everything she needs to succeed in IT with GoComputek. This is true from cloud computing solutions to network design and deployment. The best is yet to come. Sarah will certainly play a big part in that bigger, better future. Welcome aboard, Sarah. Let’s see where the wind takes us! 

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