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Computer security and hacking concept. Ransomware virus has encrypted data in laptop. Hacker is offering key to unlock encrypted data for money.

Ransomware 101

Ransomware attacks are on the rise in the COVID-19 environment. The most notable targets have been healthcare systems and financial institutions. Not surprisingly, individual users have also fallen prey to Coronavirus-themed scams.

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A businessman selecting a button on a futuristic display with a Backup concept written on it.

Backups or Else

The threat of ransomware looms large for all businesses. The consequences can be a death sentence to an unprepared organization. Avoiding infiltration is the first line of defense. It protects…

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Head shot participants videoconference on-line meeting. Middle-east indian african european partners negotiating use videocall. Corporate staff solve issues remotely easy virtual communication concept

Which Meeting Platform is Right for You?

Presently, virtual meeting platforms are seeing a surge in numbers of users. As a result, apps like Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Zoom have all seen huge surges. Additionally, Zoom's ease…

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