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Modern IT security is about more than having a good anti-virus, anti-spam or firewall. Our security assessment is meant to highlight deficiencies in your system’s security. Partner with GoComputek for your IT security needs and experience:

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At GoComputek, we understand security. For us, enterprise-class security is built-in to everything we do. From a new user set up to server and application installations, our techs are trained to think about security concerns from the start. All of our technicians are trained to follow vendor best practices and NIST guidelines so that our customers can rest assured knowing that their systems are protected and well documented. 

“If you are looking for an IT partner that understands how to secure your network from modern and persistent threats and help you meet complex IT compliance requirements, you have arrived at the right place. We have the expertise and the determination to keep your systems secure and compliant 24/7/365. Contact us for a free consultation and decide for yourself if GoComputek is a good fit for your company’s security needs.” Jiovanny R. Gonzalez, President


Modern security practices

Modern IT security practices require an intentional and comprehensive approach to security to avoid leaving your systems vulnerable to bad actors looking to disrupt business operations. Things like DNS and anti-virus protection, email filtering and user training are essential for keeping your users protected and informed about IT security practices but it is no longer enough when it comes to protecting your systems from modern bad actors and advanced persistent threats (APTs) which threaten businesses today.

A modern approach to IT security requires thought and skill from design to application. Next-generation firewalls with advanced security, network segmentation, separation of duties, dedicated service accounts with least privilege, application of modern encryption ciphers and protocols across VPNs and devices, multi-factor authentication, systems monitoring and alerts are all a part of modern IT security strategies designed to keep today’s IT networks and systems secure.

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All of our service offerings are the result of a serious business need that we’ve either responded to or experienced first-hand in our interactions with our customers over our 16 year history. When you partner with GoComputek for all of your technology needs, you can be certain that you will get the right solution for your business every time.

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