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We’ve spent the last 16 years becoming familiar with industry-specific nuances, terminology and software. Let us put our expertise to work for you. Partner with GoComputek for your IT services needs and experience:

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Below are some of the industries we serve

Healthcare is big on data and strict on compliance. Let our HIPAA experts help you accomplish both.
Manufacturing companies cannot afford to be down. Learn how to keep your systems running smooth all the time.

Distribution and Logistics is all about having a great ERP and Warehouse Management system. We can help.

Legal work is about long work days and billable hour requirements. We’re familiar with the systems that help you succeed.

Accounting means long hours during tax season and programs dating back to 1999. We understand, and we’re here for you.
Non-profit organizations need to make the most of every dollar. We know how to help you cut costs and leverage NPO benefits.
Retail companies rely on POS systems to reduce the chances of theft and error and keep everything running optimally. We can help.

GoComputek can help you

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Industry Experts

Supporting our customers effectively means becoming industry experts in each of their respective industries. We’ve spent the last 16 years doing just that. Becoming familiar with industry-specific nuances, terminology and software. After all, the more we understand about your business the better we can serve your IT needs. Are you looking for an IT partner that understands your industry? Let us put our expertise to work for you!

“We won’t stop learning about our customer’s businesses because they won’t stop learning about their business. When you partner with GoComputek you get more than an IT company, you get a business partner ready to tackle industry-specific challenges alongside you every time.” Jiovanny R. Gonzalez, President

Why GoComputek

Zero Trust

Zero trust networks with network segmentation and multi-layered authentication built-in from the start​


All of our technicians adhere to strict NIST guidelines to ensure HIPAA, PCI DSS and ISO compliance

24/7 Protection

Our security software and tools ensure that your networks and systems are always protected and always monitored

No Shortcuts

GoComputek is a security first IT company that takes seriously our responsibility to secure our customers' systems

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