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2021: A Year “Beyond”

Rocket beyond the clouds to signify our commitment to go beyond in 2021!

This past year we have been encouraged to go “beyond” by your commitment to success, and we are relentlessly committed to your success in 2021. In order to set ourselves apart as an IT company, we knew that we needed to listen to the needs of our customers. You inspired us to take on massive IT projects to help you hit your goals and deadlines with ferocity. Next, we have given you a competitive edge to your competition by making available security advancements and user productivity training. Lastly, we have worked on remodeling our website and created a vibrant social media presence to not only showcase what we are doing, but also what our customers are accomplishing. Where others have taken a more regressive approach to adversity, at GoComputek we have pushed ourselves beyond what we thought was possible to give you the IT resources you need to go “beyond” in your industry too! 

IT and Beyond 

In 2020, we took on the challenge of implementing TriZetto QNXT—one of the most robust and widely used enterprise healthcare software systems on the market. This was a seven-month project that spanned 36 servers, strict HIPAA compliance protocols, and almost 2,000 hours of research, planning, and testing. Delivered on time and on budget, the successful implementation of this system effectively catapulted us into a new era of enterprise computing at GoComputek.  

In an effort to help our customers increase their productivity and adoption of the technology, we pushed ourselves to develop a user-friendly Microsoft 365 training program for Microsoft’s 365 cloud productivity suite. Over the course of several months, our tech and sales departments joined forces to create a training demonstration that is easy to understand, interactive, and covers all the major apps in the suite. This training allows us to bring a better value to our customers by helping them increase their return on investment.  

Keeping our customers safe in this growing threat environment has also been a top priority. To that end, we developed a custom 22-point security assessment. This assessment brings together years of extensive cybersecurity experience in a week-long, comprehensive program designed to identify points of entry and neglect commonly exploited by bad actors. This assessment and all of our accomplishments in 2020 has made GoComputek more than an IT company. We are looking beyond. 

Service and Beyond 

Software continues to help us better serve our customers. In 2020, we improved our ability to solve problems more quickly by adopting IT Glue—an IT documentation platform designed to keep all relevant and IT-specific information in one place.  In 2021, we will make this software available to our customers on demand so that they can access their information whenever they need it. Moreover, in an effort to increase collaboration among each other, our techs have adopted OneNote as our source of truth for customer-specific information pertaining to their systems. Streamlining these processes has allowed our tech team to share information faster and thus solve problems quicker. Our commitment to IT excellence put into practice. 

Growth and Beyond 

As we grow and expand our customer base, our existing customers benefit from our exposure to new technologies and new challenges. In the new year, we are ramping up our efforts to expand our customer base by increasing our online presence through marketing and social media. We are also working on rolling out a redesigned website that will bring our social media and marketing strategies together in one place. We are creating a strong online presence; and it is our goal that it will be of benefit to our customers as well. If you have not already done so, please follow GoComputek on all major social media platforms. We would like to @mention you and share your IT stories with the world. 


“Beyond” for us means more than going beyond the competition. At GoComputek, we push our team to be both competitive and innovative. This allows our “beyond” to extend our reach through our new social media efforts. It means we work to make the user experience for our customers better than last year. This, despite the obvious obstacles of the year for ourselves and for our customers. Most impressively though, we were able to accomplish the massive undertaking of IT projects unthinkable for an ordinary IT company in good conditions. In order to lead in the industry, we have continued to embrace challenges to provide results and user experience “beyond” the ordinary.  

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