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Jerrold Ofgang Owner- Crest Quality Cleaners
We’re very grateful for GoComputek’s prompt service and consistency over the last 12 years of servicing us as our exclusive IT provider. From revamping our cabling and networking infrastructure to upgrading our computer and server hardware and software several times over, we’re fortunate to have partnered with GoComputek as our IT services vendor and we look forward to many more years of continued IT success with them at our side.


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Keep it clean

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It’s not every day that you get to work for a local iconic brand. It’s even more rare that you’d get to work alongside a company with an unwavering set of old-fashioned core business values, true to the vision of the founder, which have been preserved and passed down for two generations. Yet, that is exactly the privilege we have in working with Crest Quality Cleaners. Since 1956 Crest Quality Cleaners has been a cornerstone of the local Bird Road community, pouring love and dedication into every piece of clothing they work on. That’s why when we first came to Crest Quality Cleaners in 2007 we knew we were fortunate to be there, and we wanted to return the favor. Over 12 years later, our commitment to keeping their systems running smooth and on budget is still just as present as it was the first day we arrived on premise. You could say that we keep IT clean for Crest Quality. Then again, it’s really Crest Quality Cleaners who does the cleaning; we just keep them up and running.

with the GoComputek Team

What is unique about the customer relationship with Crest Quality Cleaners?
Crest Quality Cleaners is a high-end boutique cleaner with exclusive clientele and clothes promised to their customers on a given date. They get in early and stay open late. They also work on Saturdays (which means we do too). They need an IT partner who can be there for them when they need it most. Despite having a small budget for IT and lots of legacy hardware and software, they certainly have big IT needs. That's never been a problem for us. For them, quantity and quality is the name of the game. We make sure they keep their numbers right by keeping their systems running "clean."
What industry-specific solutions has GoComputek brought to Crest Quality Cleaners?
The cleaning industry has a long history of using legacy software and hardware to run their operations, and not always by choice. At Crest Quality Cleaners we've been able to meet that challenge in stride. For over twelve years we've been able to provide them with all the support and technical know-how necessary for running their industry-specific software on a day-to-day basis as well as through two system upgrades and migrations during that time. All without ever going down. That's a 12-year track record of proven IT experience for one of our oldest and valued customers.
What is on the horizon for Crest Quality Cleaners?
Speaking of legacy software and hardware, Crest Quality Cleaners is about to make a big shift in this department. The legacy software they've been using just got bought out by another software vendor and a systems migration is on the horizon. This means new hardware and lots of planning to get it done in a timely fashion and without unexpected down time. If your business is facing a systems migration, don't wait until the last minute. Contact us right away for a free network assessment and let us do what we do best so that you can keep doing what you do best!

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GoComputek was founded in January of 2005 with a long-term vision of being a new kind of IT company. A company ready to meet the new and complex technological challenges of our era. A company with a strong commitment to customer service, transparency, innovation and technological excellence. A company who 16 years later is still living up to that vision every day in a bold way. Since then our commitment to IT excellence has only grown in size and scope and so has our company. Over the years, GoComputek has slowly grown to what it is today–a fully mature managed services and cloud services provider that services over 300 endpoints and growing.

For more than 16 years now, GoComputek has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations, in both large and small business environments alike, across all of South Florida. With a special focus on security, efficiency and reliability, we have worked hard to be the best at what we do so that our customers can be the best at what they do. Perhaps what distinguishes us the most from our competition is our ability to adapt to less than ideal circumstances while maintaining a strong commitment to our customers’ success. When failure is not an option, ingenuity is key and our team is up to the challenge.

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