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Sayda Hernandez, Sales Manager - CBI International
Our company has relied on GoComputek for all of its IT services for over 8 years. During that time, the one characteristic that stands out about GoComputek has been their excellent and speedy service. They are quick to answer your call and always willing to help with any questions or technical problems you may have. As a manager, you expect your IT company to know about different technologies and systems. More importantly, you hope they will be there when you need them most. GoComputek has always been there for us and if you ask me, that is a true testimony of a company that says they're your business partner.




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Where to Next?

CBI Warehouse On The Move

CBI International is a large distributor of popular Latin American food products in and throughout the United States. With locations in Miami, Texas and California, CBI International serves as a gateway into the Latin American food market for 59 million Hispanic Americans. From snacks such as chips, peanuts and candies to legumes, heavy cream and sodas, there is always something to choose from for everyone in the family. CBI International is also the exclusive distributor for Latin American food giant Diana in the United States. They deliver widely popular products such as Jalapeños, Bacorns, Corn Curls, Platanitos and so much more to your local grocery stores throughout the entire country. In short, CBI International brings the unique flavors and snack favorites of Central America to your local supermarket, truck stops and gas stations and, ultimately, into your home.

As you can imagine, for a distributor, running out of warehouse space is always a bad thing. However, it can be a bad thing that brings with it a lot of good. It’s no secret that challenges make us better. Challenges bring about the invention and innovation that lead to much needed change. For CBI International, challenges first brought about a new warehouse and an ERP system which made inventory management, space utilization and stock rotation possible. Logistics, placement and picking of goods were greatly improved for years. Once inventory management was no longer enough, it was time to move to a new location. A new location, however, meant a lot of expenses, planning, follow-up and the difficult task of actually moving everything to the new location. Understandably, CBI had a lot of work ahead of them and they asked us if GoComputek could handle the IT side of things. We, of course, said yes, but we only had five months to coordinate everything. The building was a new construction, which meant we would be facing many additional challenges as a result.

For us this meant new network cabling and infrastructure, ordering and coordinating the installation of internet service and, most importantly, moving over all the equipment. Normally, these are all easy tasks, but this building was new construction. So, each of these components meant coordinating several other matters to make sure everything would be ready for the day of the move. The first challenge was getting access to the building. For insurance purposes, no one would be allowed to enter the building until April. That was a month before the scheduled move. How would we get internet access into the building? Both ATT and Comcast would take months to get a cable into our demarcation point, and the installation of the network cabling depended on the contractors responsible for the construction of the offices. With only a month to get everything done it meant we would be cutting it close. In the end, the network cabling was finished on time and we set up temporary internet and phone lines to move our systems without interruption. The day of the move everything went off without a hitch.

with the GoComputek Team

What is unique about the customer relationship with CBI International?
With their central headquarters in Miami and a second headquarters in El Salvador, and with large distribution centers in Texas and California, they are very much a modern distributor. Their products are also sourced in Latin America and have to travel a long way to the US. Everything about CBI International is unique. With so many complex and moving parts, everything needs to work without issue, every day, 365 days a year. By extension, the same is expected of us and nothing short of perfection will do. Meaning they won't take no for an answer when it comes to IT and that's okay because we believe they shouldn't have to. At GoComputek, we have the technical expertise and resolve to service customers like CBI and help them meet all of their technological needs without compromise.
What industry-specific solutions has GoComputek brought to CBI International?
Eight years ago we installed an enterprise-class phone system for CBI International in what would mark the beginning of a long-term business relationship. That relationship would come to include the migration of their entire server infrastructure and ERP software, managing a long and complex 8-month move, the set up of a site-to-site tunnel across two continents, a web server for their online store, backups to the cloud, increased security and efficiency, a professional wireless mesh system and the expertise to maintain it all without ever being down. Ever. The good news is we're just getting started.
What is on the horizon for CBI International?
CBI International is growing! This, of course, means we have a lot of work to do in the IT department. CBI was an early adopter of cloud technology but the cloud has really matured since then and we're ready to embrace a real digital transformation. CBI International is ready to leverage the cloud anew with a smart cloud strategy from GoComputek where increased availability and productivity are now possible in ways never before anticipated. All this is combined with a top-tier security and business continuity to ensure the protection of sensitve data as a matter of top priority.

If your business is moving to a new location or simply in need of a technological makeover which will allow you to be more competitive and productive, don't wait until it's too late. Contact us right away for a free quote. Together we can come up with a technological roadmap that will help you accomplish all of your IT goals!

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About GoComputek

GoComputek was founded in January of 2005 with a long-term vision of being a new kind of IT company. A company ready to meet the new and complex technological challenges of our era. A company with a strong commitment to customer service, transparency, innovation and technological excellence. A company who 16 years later is still living up to that vision every day in a bold way. Since then our commitment to IT excellence has only grown in size and scope and so has our company. Over the years, GoComputek has slowly grown to what it is today–a fully mature managed services and cloud services provider that services over 300 endpoints and growing.

For more than 16 years now, GoComputek has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations, in both large and small business environments alike, across all of South Florida. With a special focus on security, efficiency and reliability, we have worked hard to be the best at what we do so that our customers can be the best at what they do. Perhaps what distinguishes us the most from our competition is our ability to adapt to less than ideal circumstances while maintaining a strong commitment to our customers’ success. When failure is not an option, ingenuity is key and our team is up to the challenge.

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